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Circle of Security Parenting Group

We get it—parenting can be a bit of a mystery sometimes, right?

That's where the Circle of Security® Parenting™ program comes in. Join us for eight sessions tailored to empower parents and caregivers with kids aged 0 - 12 backed by decades of research and designed to provide caregivers with essential tools to foster secure and thriving parent-child relationships. 


We'll be diving into some really important topics like:

  • Building solid parent/child relationships

  • Understanding and supporting your child's emotional growth

  • Identifying and leveraging your unique parenting strengths

  • Creating a safe space for kids to explore and ask for help

  • Figuring out how your own upbringing influences your parenting style


Don't miss you! Join our fall 2023 group today or hop on our waitlist for our Winter morning group!

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