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St. Martin de Porres Cold Weather Policy

St. Martin de Porres School Cold Weather Policy

Winter is once again upon us and although we have been lucky so far we will no doubt face the prospect of an indoor recess soon. There is no cold weather policy in our school division, however, due to student feedback, on our recess survey and through classroom conversations, students have expressed their love for having recess outdoors.  Additionally, we have found when colder weather persists, and students stay inside for several days, their ability to focus and complete academic work suffers. As a result, all students will be going out for recess as long as the temperature, including windchill is not below -25. If the supervisors feel the weather is just too cold or wet, there may be a possibility that the lunch recess could be shortened.  When the weather does fall below -25, we have been working with EverActive Schools to create an indoor recess plan, so students will still have the opportunity for movement and activity on those extremely cold days. Please ensure that your child is dressed for the weather, so they can enjoy the great outdoors this winter.


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