School Council

Message from School Council Chair

Bring in the New Year and Rev Up the School Year!

I would like to take a moment to introduce myself as the newest School Council Chair and take a moment to extend a gracious thank you to our past Chair Jenn Normore for her dedication to our school and our children. Thank you, Jenn!

My name is Tyler Yates, and I am the new School Council Chair. My wife and I currently have three children attending and enhancing their education at St. Martin de Porres School. I felt it was important that I introduce myself, and provide a small background about myself. I would also like to welcome all parents to come take part in our School Council meetings. 

As stated already, I am a father of three busy, busy….very busy children! My wife and I both live and work in the City of Red Deer and we were first drawn to St Martin de Porres School for the fine arts focus that the school offers. Over the last five years, we have watched our children flourish with the enhancement of fine arts and curriculum offered at St. Martin’s. From the smallest project to the largest school productions and CREATE events, the faculty and staff at St. Martin’s have truly blessed our children.

I began attending School Council meetings in January 2019 where I met a group of very dedicated parents and staff. To my surprise, I also learned that a major portion of funding that allows all of our children unique opportunities such as field trips to science centres, family fun nights, pancake breakfast on Shrove Tuesday, and year end carnival (to name a few) all come from the efforts of School Council fundraising spearheaded by that same dedicated group of parents and staff.

I have appreciated being a member of the School Council and would like to welcome all parents to join our meetings, introduce yourselves, provide new ideas and help our children grow and learn! All are welcome, all are respected and all make a difference!


Tyler Yates

School Council Chair


2019 - 20 School Council Members

  • Chairperson: Tyler Yates
  • Vice Chairperson: Ann Berry
  • Secretary: Stacey Thygesen
  • Treasurer: Erica Svanes