Welcome to our School

We serve children in Kindergarten to Grade 5 in a Catholic faith learning environment. With a focus on drama, music, and the visual arts, we are a school of choice for children and families who want a stimulating and culturally enriched learning experience. We are located in West Park and in close proximity to the Red Deer College.

Faith permeates all that we do at St. Martin de Porres School. The Catholic values of our Christian faith are integrated into our learning and are practiced throughout the day. 

We also integrate fine arts into religious celebrations. We believe God’s Word comes alive for students, staff, and parents when they take an active role and reflect on their learning. 

St. Martin de Porres School has an excellent record for academic excellence and we are known as a friendly and welcoming school.

We serve students in West Park, West Lake, South Hill, Downtown, Waskasoo, Woodlea, Parkvale, Bower, Woodland Hills, C&E Trail, Waskasoo Estates, Penhold and Springbrook. Students living in other areas may also attend our school - please contact us for more information.

We are now accepting registrations for Kindergarten - Grade 5.

Please contact the school for more information or click here to register.


St. Martin de Porres School opened in 1962 with Mr. Lloyd Baumgarten as principal. The school housed four classrooms, Grade 1 to 6. St. Martin de Porres was chosen as the patron saint of the school because of Mrs. Pat Rouselle's great devotion to St. Martin. Mrs. Rouselle was a school trustee when the school was named.

St. Martin was born in Lima, Peru on December 9, 1597. His father Don Juan was a Spanish nobleman and his mother Ana was a beautiful freed slave from Panama. Juan Martin was an unusual child. When the other children played, he would pray for hours. He became known as the "Little Saint." Through his works, San Juan Martin de Porres shows us that we can indeed love God "with our whole heart and mind and love our neighbours as ourselves."

On January 10, 1945, Pope Pius XII granted the request of the people of Peru to make Blessed Martin their Patron Saint of Works of Social Justice. St. Martin de Porres became known as a saint during the time of Pope John XIII.