Our School

Grades Taught

Kindergarten to Grade 5


St. Martin de Porres School serves children in Kindergarten to Grade 5 in a Catholic faith learning environment. With a focus on drama, music, and the visual arts, we are a school of choice for children and families who want a stimulating and culturally enriched learning experience. We are located in West Park and in close proximity to the Red Deer College. Faith permeates all that we do at St. Martin de Porres School. The Catholic values of our Christian faith are integrated into our learning and are practiced throughout the day. We also integrate fine arts into religious celebrations. We believe God’s Word comes alive for students, staff, and parents when they take an active role and reflect on their learning. St. Martin de Porres School has an excellent record for academic excellence and we are known as a friendly and welcoming school. We serve students in West Park, West Lake, South Hill, Downtown, Waskasoo, Woodlea, Parkvale, Bower, Woodland Hills, C&E Trail, Waskasoo Estates, Penhold and Springbrook. Students living in other areas may also attend our school - please contact us for more information.


We are a Catholic School with a fine arts focus.

In Red Deer Catholic Regional Division we are proud to proclaim that our Principles of Practice underline everything we do. The first two statements in our Principles of Practice support our commitment to Safe and Caring Schools:

We honour our children.

We provide a safe & secure environment.

Our schools are places where all students, staff, and parents feel welcome. Our motto, “Inspired by Christ, Aspiring to Excellence” and our Principles of Practice, proudly proclaim that our schools are Christ-filled centres that ensure a satisfactory climate for learning and that we respect each student as a person, unique in God’s creation.

Our Division has clear administrative procedures outlining the division’s policy on student behaviour and staff discipline procedures. As well, we are serious about ensuring that our students feel safe at school and are in a Catholic Christian environment conducive to learning.


Mme Dorice de Champlain


Honouring God With Our Gifts


We believe that we must see children as God’s creation, ensure that their sacred gifts are developed and encourage them to recognize their own needs and strengths, as well as the needs and strengths of others.


Believe -  Create -  Learn


Through the implementation of the Fine Arts, specifically Art, Music, Drama, and Dance students have the opportunity to create, discover and enhance their God given gifts and talents.

Art, Music, Drama, and Dance incorporate many of the multiple intelligences, offering a well-rounded holistic approach to learning. Art, Music, Drama, and Dance specialists as well as classroom teachers focus on engaging students with, through, and about Fine Arts while permeating faith in all we do!


Our Principles of Practice guide us in all that we do!

  • We honour our children.
  • We provide a safe and secure environment.
  • We live and proudly proclaim our Catholic faith.
  • We provide quality education in a Catholic environment.
  • We pray as an educational community.
  • We practice servant-leadership.
  • We focus on our mission through clarity of purpose.
  • We value our staff.



In our Catholic schools, the community professes their belief in Jesus Christ. We are faithful to the teachings of the Apostles as handed down through the ages.

Catholic faith is taught daily in Religion classes, celebrations, attending Mass and prayer. Students are encouraged to attend church and Catholic values are permeated in school activities. There are many opportunities for parents to join in school celebrations.

In addition to regular Religion classes, sacramental preparation is done in cooperation with parents and the parishes. Grade 2 students prepare for Reconciliation and First Eucharist. Grade 4 students participate in a Bible Celebration and Grade 5 students participate in a Rosary Celebration. 

At any time, you may contact Sacred Heart, St. Mary’s or St. Vladimir’s Parish to arrange for the Baptism of your child if you live in the City of Red Deer. If you live in Springbrook or Penhold contact Our Lady of Peace Parish.

The mission of the staff at St. Martin de Porres is to support and emulate the teachings of the Apostles. Further, we pray and celebrate Christ’s message in communion and to support our Catholic community. As Gospel witnesses, staff at St. Martin de Porres School permeates faith in all we do.

Programs and Services

The school program follows the Programs of Study as mandated by the Government of Alberta and the Board of Education. Information is available to parents