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It may seem obvious that having your child at school will benefit their learning and chances for success. What is not obvious is how big a difference even just a few absences can make.

A U.S. study on chronically ill children absent an average of 16 days showed their scores on a national test to be 12 percent lower (51%) than those of children who had been absent for an average of only seven days (63%). 

While not all absences can be avoided, any teacher will confirm that an absence from the classroom is a missed opportunity for a student to participate in the oral, visual and tactile learning that happens at school.

According to Section 7(1) of the Education Act, attendance is mandatory for any individual under the age of 16 years. We believe it is the responsibility of the parent or guardian to ensure that the student attends school and arrives promptly. Students arriving on time for school develop a lifelong appreciation for being prompt and punctual. Arriving on time give your child the opportunity to socialize with his/her peers and receive important school announcements.

While the school makes courtesy calls home on unexcused absences, it is the responsibility of parents to notify us if your child is to be absent or late.

Our attendance line at 403-347-5650 Ext. 1 is available 24 hours to take your message or or email us at: